A Great Holiday Season

Last December was our first Holiday season. Thanks to all of you, it was a great success! It was a fun, but busy schedule. We went from Brooklyn to DC for the season. All of you welcomed us with open arms and we are grateful.

Happy to Announce!

The Ava Short are back in stock in Solids, Metallic Color Block and Ombre.


The Ava Mini earrings are back in stock in Black, Merlot, Yellow, and Orange

ava mini

December Events:

Brooklyn Indi Bazaar- December 6th

BZB Gift Show- December 12th & December 19th

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Thank you for your purchases. If you have any comments or concerns for your product, please do not hesitate to email us at AmberPoitier@gmail.com. We would also, love that you share your pictures to show us how you wear your purchases. For those who are shy, we encourage you to email us the photo that will be for our internal use only.

We are independent designers. We have the freedom to design products quickly and custom. If there are items that you would like to custom order, please feel to reach out to us. We are planning to expand into boutiques for 2016. If there are any boutiques near you that you would like to see us in, please feel free to contact us.


Have a Happy New Year! I look forward to enjoying 2016 with you.

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