The Valentine’s Dream…Tracy Reese


Imagine that you admire a famous and talented person. So much so, that you research and study their career. You dream one day to meet them. This person was Tracy Reese for me.

I have followed her career throughout my fashion career. She was the person that I studied because of how talented she is and her presence as an African American Fashion Designer. As a budding fashion designer, I was looking for positive images to connect to and Tracy Reese embodies the ideal image.

Just 3 days before my 1st New York Fashion week presentation, I received the call to attend her show Fall 2016 show. (OMG!!!) I was so excited! I had to say YEEEESSSS!!!!

She shared her inspiration of the collection. Her inspiration was her home town Detroit in a cinematic presentation. The vulnerable words that she shared was just the words I needed to hear as I prepare for my presentation.



I even got a picture with my designer crush…Yay!


I even got a shot with the incomparable Beth Ann Hardison, who was also in attendance. I loved her bag so much, I had to showcase it also.



Just to add, the show was AMAZING! It transported me to Caboose bar in Detroit. Take a look for yourself…

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